Saturday 24 September 2016

What to buy at car boot sales

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Buying items to sell on for a profit is easier said than done. Whether you're buying from a real car boot sale or buying from, this guide will help get you a head start on what to buy.

Firstly, be aware that your main hurdle is your competition. There will undoubtedly be others who are hunting for the same treasures as yourself. If you can't beat em.. join em! Keep a close eye on what regular buyers (dealers) are picking up. Most will specialise in a particular field, maybe antiques, musical instruments or electronics. However, some will dabble in anything which yields a good profit. If you're new to the game, this is where you should start.

Electronics are risky but if you can fix them up then you could make big money. Look for computer equipment, Hi-Fis and audio equipment such as DJ mixers etc.

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Clothing is easier to find but needs a good eye and you'll have to rummage through a lot of garments to find something profitable. Car boot sales are flooded with designer names and you could make some good money but be very aware of fakes.

Musical instruments can make HUGE money! They are a well sought after and some prior research will come in handy. Guitars are a quick turnover.. Look for names like Fender, Gibson and Yamaha etc. Check the neck is straight and that there's no cracks. Even a poorly branded or non branded guitar could be sold on for say £30 so if you see anything around this price, it's probably worth a shot!

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Bicycles are another easy sell but the money lies in either nearly new hi spec models or vintage/retro bikes. Old BMX and Raleigh racers bring big bucks. If you find an old Raleigh Chopper.. snap it up!

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Plush toys.. Car boots are inundated with these and can be bought for pennies but you need to pick the right stuff up! Original care bears are a good find. Look for TV, movie related characters.. if you're getting them for pennies then you can't really lose.

Right, this is just really a taster and I've deliberately not made it too specific! I've written an in-depth guide on what to look out for and buy at car boot sales.. It's literally a brain dump of everything I've learned in the last 20 years of very successful car booting. It will include makes and models so you can't go far wrong. Nothing like this exists on the Internet as no one is daft enough to share the information. This is why I must charge for my in-depth guide.. I'm asking just £9.99 and will probably the best investment you ever make as a buyer/seller! Simply send payment to my PayPal: and include the email you want this sending to. I will email you the guide within 24 hours of payment being received.
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