Sunday 10 July 2016

More than just a Car Boot Sale - How to make some extra money!

As I'm sure you're aware, our Online Car Boot Sale.. is a great way to make money by selling your unwanted household items. It's quick and easy to use. But let's say you need a little extra cash.. Well we now have a NEW website which could be right up your street..

Let me just tell you how the site works for Shopkeepers first.. allows small high street businesses to offer Reward Points to their customers.. Just like Nectar Points at Sainsburys! Say you own a sandwich shop, you can ensure your customers will return more regularly buy scanning their mobile phone when they make a purchase to add their points. They can then save up and redeem their points for money off a future purchase. It works using QR codes. 'Subway' have a very similar system. To have something like this designed, developed and integrated can cost you thousands! We can offer you this for a one off payment of just £99 and you can start instantly. There's also no technical integration required.. You can scan customers phones with any smart phone or device which has a QR reader on it.. Available in any app store.

Ok, this is where YOU come in.. We are offering a whopping £30 cash back for referring a shop! Simply visit shops or businesses in your local area which you think will benefit from offering a Reward Points system to their customers and for every shop that signs up, we'll transfer you £30 via PayPal. You can generate your own personal Promo Code to offer the shop which will also give them £10 off. Register on the website here:

It doesn't stop there! Imagine if you get just 1 shop to sign up and that shopkeeper sets up his reward points system to thousands of customers.. Some of those customers are bound to have businesses of their own and may end up using your Promo Code if passed on by the original Shop Keeper.

You can also offer the promotion online via Facebook, Twitter or whatever means you so wish. With the right approach, you could make some good money from home. All we ask is that if you visit shops in person, please look smart and familiarise yourself with the website first. We also have a promotional video here.. and a Shop Keeper demonstration here..

Contact us if you require further information at where we will be happy to assist. Hope you can join us on this VERY unique and brand new venture.

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